What’s inside anabolic steroids and supplements?

If you’ve been around body builders or have set foot in any
gym you probably heard of legal steroids . The subject might be discussed in hushed
tones because there is the illegal factor that hangs over the word and because
most of those beefed up guys at the gym don’t want people to know that they
have been using some kind of performance enhancer to get the results they are
getting. In those hushed conversations you might have heard the term anabolic used a lot. If you are wondering what
all these people are going on about here’s a lesson on the term and where, how
or why it’s used.

legal steroids

First of all lets try to understand what builds muscles or promotes the growth of muscles

1.Muscles have to be engaged or stimulated

Muscles are engaged everytime but most of the time not to the level that they should be. They need t work and the
only way to get muscles working is with exercise, in particular, resistance exercise.

2. Muscles need to be fed

Normally proper nutrition is all an ordinary body requires but if you want to take your body from the state of
being ordinary to being big and sculpted, you will learn to look at food as fuel.

3.Get rest between exercise sessions

Rest is important because it is between rest periods that your muscles have a chance to recover from being flexed,
stretched and torn.

4.Get the right supplements

Anabolic steroids are the best things t\you can use to supplement your training regime

Here are ingredients you can expect to find in an anabolic supplement:


This helps to fill the muscle with fluid, which helps in strength training and allows you to lift even higher
weights as you progress. It also facilitates fast recovery, which is important to body builders. Creatine is often found mixed in protein supplements and other supplements

HGH: human growth hormone

There is a simple logic to this: your muscles will grow if there is an abundance of the human growth hormone. HGH does more than ramp up muscles growth; it also increases Oxygen levels and has great anti aging properties

L-Arginine HCL

This is anon-essential amino acid that can be synthetically produces. When mixed with hydrogen chloride it
becomes more edible and easy to be absorbed by the body. The main effects of L-Arginine include dilating blood vessels. When it comes into contact with Nitric oxide in the bloodstream, it stimulates vessels to respond accordingly to heavy bouts of intense exercise by making sure the muscles get more oxygen than normal.

Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG)

Tetrahydrogestrinone in its self was considers being a legal drug that you could over the counter. Now with the prevalence of illegal steroids, the over the counter availability was cut and the drug could. Other compounds found in legal steroids

L-Glysine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, and a number of obscure
ingredients like Tibullus Fruit Powder, caffeine, Fenugreek Seed powder, Maca
Root powder and a long list of extracts and strange names all of which are
probably not FDA approved.

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