Eretz Yisrael, the best burial plots in Israel 

Religious controversies always give us something new every day! It’s not very surprising that even the dead can have a chance to resurrect under the condition that they are buried at the holy land! Maran Rav Kanievsky Shlita has all the answers for you concerning the reasons why you really need to buy burial plots in israel from abroad   Where is this claim supported?    It is written in the Prophets   that all those who die in the holy land shall be resurrected its claimed that Hashem will awaken them first and they will be resurrected. Somewhere also has it that all the carcasses shall awaken, those who might have been buried outside the holy land. It simply means that those outside the holy land shall arise but those in the holy land shall have the spirit of life landing on them! He further argues that those who will be outside the holy land shall have to arise with their bodies with no soul, then they will have to roll over for that very long time until they find themselves in the holy land! That’s when they will now have a chance to be fully resurrected!

These explanations tell us the importance of having your loved one buried at the holy land of Eretz Yisrael.    So do we buy a burial plot at Eretz Yisrael?    Hagoan Rav has all the answers for you! You need to give a chance for the written word to atone for your sins! He said that the holy book postulates that whoever will be buried under the land of Israel is like the one buried in the altar! The ground will surely atone for sins! This is surely even a better reason why you really need to buy a burial land here at Eretz Yisrael! It’s the only way to sanctify your sins. You can really atone your sins and have that eternal life by simply getting a burial land from the burial plots in Israel!    Hagaon Rav agrees that every man must be punished by Hashem for their sins. The holy burial grounds in Israel will only help them attain the full atonement of their sins to be counted among the sanctified persons! It’s surely the reason why you will have to c consider having a place there for your loved ones! You really won’t afford to lose them!

Eretz Yisrael is the best burial place for all people even the fathers who never instructed their children on where they should be buried need not to worry but consider getting the place at this burial grounds.    Burial plots in Israel have greatly risen in prices even to fivefold over the years now, but it’s still available and you can always get your best choice in your city of prevalence! Contact the company now and get the most respectful and promising burials for your loved ones! Top cemeteries such as har hamenuchot burials are available.

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