5 bodybuilding mistakes you need to avoid


How to find a convincing answer to your muscle gaining struggles? The best answer is to avoid
the mistakes that many people often commit and you need to adopt a systematic
method of approach under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Several
aspects should be taken into consideration while performing bodybuilding workouts
and a comprehensive method of approach always guarantees outstanding results. Here
are the most important mistakes that you need to avoid:

1) Performing the same exercises everyday

Most people perform a limited number of their favorite exercises everyday and these exercises become
an integral part of their routine. Performing the same exercises time and again
leads to repeated-bout effect and your muscles become accustomed to the
continual use of the same movements. Such a situation leads to structural
perturbations to muscle fibers and achieving the expected results becomes an
increasingly difficult task. You have to introduce a diverse selection of
exercises over the course of your training cycle and it can be done by
switching around modalities, planes of movement and training angles. Such a
method of approach facilitates increased muscle growth.

2) Always training in the same rep range

Some people keep on training in a lower rep range or a high rep range during their bodybuilding
workouts. This method fails to provide optimal results and optimal muscle
development can be achieved only when you make use of full spectrum of rep
ranges. It is always advisable to design your workouts around a moderate repetition
workout protocol but you must make sure that your training includes both lower
and higher rep ranges.

 3) Continuously following straight and narrow sets

Many bodybuilding aspirants perform a set and they take rest before doing another set of the same
exercise. This cycle goes on and there is nothing wrong with this basic
approach. At the same time; if you want to enjoy fast results, you have to mix
things up a bit with some specialized exercises. While mixing things, you have
to selectively add specialized techniques like drop sets and super sets into
your routine.

4) Over isolating or under isolating your muscles

Some people are of the opinion that bodybuilding aspirants should perform big lifts like presses,
squats and rows to build the muscles in the best manner. Some others say that you
can enjoy excellent results when you isolate muscles with curls, extensions and
flys. The fact of the matter is that both these movements are complimentary and
you must incorporate a mix of both these movements (multi-joint exercises and
single joint exercises) into your routine to improve muscle size and symmetry
as well.

5) Undermining the importance of taking a reliable supplement

You can spend hours at the gym each day to build muscles but expected results may seem like a
distant dream. That is exactly where the importance of taking top quality legal
steroids available in the market and they compliment your bodybuilding workouts
harmoniously to offer outstanding results including speedy muscle recovery.


If you want to become a proud owner of an enviable body, you have to follow a comprehensive method of
approach and in order to prevent discrepancies; you must avoid these five critical
mistakes. If you can manage to do so, achieving the expected results becomes an
uncomplicated task.

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